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All prices listed below are for Chang Jiang 75- sidecar FOB Beijing in RMB. The prices are for reference and final price will be reflected by the type of restoration options chosen.

Basically we have five categories.

  • Stock 97 - as is with Beijing Plates
  • R71 style restoration
  • R75 style restoration
  • Super restoration
  • Export PLA restoration

All sidecars for Shanghai come with some basic spare parts and items such as fork lock, tonneau cover, whole sidecar cover.


Prices may vary slightly from time to time and also depending on market situation. We have listed our prices each bike sold in Beijing. We are the only website that does this cause we gurantee you that you will not find it half the price around the corner and importantly we itemize all our quotation so you will know what you get and what you have paid for. Again we DO NOT offer Hebei plates or fake plates. The best way for you to get a quotation is to send a picture of the type of sidecar restoration you want and the options you want with the bike. Prices may vary slightly with each individual sidecar.

Current prices (Jan 2010)

Chang Jiang 750 - registered in Beijing with 1997 registrations = 9,000 to 12,000RMB "AS IS"
Pinstripe BMW R71 style restoration with stock chrome 23,000RMB to 29,000RMB
Pinstripe BMW R71 style restoration with high grade chrome 28,000RMB to 40,000RMB
WWII BMW R75 style restoration - FH 24 hp engine 22,000RMB
WWII BMW R75 style restoration - OHV 32 hp engine 28,000RMB
Premium Restorations 32,000RMB to 44,000RMB

2003/4 Beijing registered Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcyclewith transferable plates - 25,000RMB
Beijing registered Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycle with transferable plates - 40,000RMB

Price break down

32hp OHV engine 5,600RMB
Super polishing 3,500RMB
High grade chroming 8,000RMB
Normal chrome 3,500RMB
Paint Job - Stock 1,500RMB, Good quality 2,500RMB, Premium 3,500RMB
Pannier boxes - 1,600RMB for set of two including mounts
Machine gun mount - 350RMB
Frame tool box - 280RMB
Tool box gas tank - 500RMB
Engine guard - 280RMB
Fork guard rubber - 60RMB - pair

High Performance options and upgrades:

High speed rear gear - 1000RMB
Imported bearings for engine and transmission - 500RMB
SKF/NSK wheel bearings - 120RMB (set of two for one wheel)
Hidden electrical system - 300RMB
Duck boards - 250RMB
Aluminum rims, stainless spokes, high grade chrome hub - 1,800RMB each
Custom leather rider seat - 500RMB each
Custom leather bucket seat - 1,500RMB for set
Custom leather tonneau cover - sidecar bucket cover - 800RMB

High grade chrome handle bar - fully assembled - 450RMB
High grade chrome head light assembly - all parts - 400RMB