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You need a D license to ride a sidecar legally. We highly recommend that you follow the law and get a drivers license.

Be careful when buying bikes with ready plates. A few dealers are known to have fake ones and you will be in deep trouble if you are involved in an accident. The police will not hesitate to confiscate your bike. Do your research, foreigners riding illegal bikes have been put in jail. You will also find a great price difference between different dealers.

Get a Chang Jiang 750 sidecars at Beijing prices. This also includes insurance and after sales service.

Talk to us and find out what is available.

What is needed for a sidecars driver license in Shanghai. Basically it is a D license.


1. Passport,
2. Residential certification,
3. Medicine certification, automobile driver license application,
4. China automobile driver license (if you already haveone).

1. Get the medicine check.
2. Fill up the application for Sidecars driver license at Sidecar Driver school;
3. Take part in the English Traffic Regulation Test at Traffic and Automobile management Bureau:
4. Take part in the sidecar driver practice school at Sidecar driver school
5. Take part in the sidecar Practice Examination.
6. Get the Driver License

1. One day for medicine check;
2. One week the application send to Traffic and Automobile Management Bureau by School;
3. 10days the Regulation test will be token part. It is decided by the Police (for local, foreign is just start from now on, they are trying for the first one, when we have the experience, we will publish the detail);
4. 2 Months for Practice until Exam.
5. 1 week to get the license.

School: 2200RMB
Medicine check:
License certification:

1. Sidecar driver school: No.8, Lane 899, Wu Bao Road.
2. Medicine Check: No. 5808, xin dong road.
3. Traffic and automobile management bureau: Room,209, building 7, No.179, Xin Chun Road.
4. Regulation Exam place: No.8, Lane 899, Wu bao Road (local), the foreign (maybe Room,209, building 7, No.179, Xin Chun Road.)
5. Practice Exam place: No.8, Lane 899, Wu Bao Road

Photos: 4 for 2’, 6 for 1’

1.If you had China Driver License, bring with you, the sidecars driver license will be part of your Automobile Driver License.
2. If you have any overseas Driver License and you do not know if you will drive in China. We suggest that you convert to China Driver License at same time. The procedure is the same, but it will save you lots of time so you don't need to do it again in the future.
3. Know the re
gulations and road rules as there are many streets that do not allow motorcycles and the police will not hesitate to stop you and confiscate your sidecar.
4. We strongly recommend you get proper plates as there are many people jumping in front of foreigners thinking you are rich and can afford to pay them for accident. If you are riding a bike with illegal plates you are automatically at fault.
5. Insurance companies will give you policy for sidecar, however if you own a Hebei plate, do not expect them to pay.