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Shipping to Shanghai:

Train 1,800RMB - takes about 3 days, two of which is waiting to get on train. Pay a few hundred more to the guys to make sure they do not stack items on top of it. (slight possibility bike might be scratched)

Truck - 2,300RMB - needs to be crated which is 800RMB extra. Usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Make sure you bring some tools, a tire pump and a big bottle of gas when you pick up your bike.

Door to Door - 3,500RMB guranteed to arrive in good shape, our mechanic goes along with the delivery to ensure no problems. Recommended for premium restorations.

Export shipping:

Export shipping to most countries is around 1,200USD to 1,500USD port to port. All our export bikes come with a large box of spare parts and also doucmentation for registration as old timer. Our export chang Jiang 750 sidecars are restored from old PLA surplus inventory that are from the 1970's and 1980's. Door to door shipping is usually about 1,500USD extra. Aside from your broker fees, there is usually there are some port and customs fees. Each port is different, find out from your broker.

Many expat leaving China will want to ship a bike home. We recommend that you ship it out of Beijing (Tianjin) due to the large amount of companies experienced in doing it and also you may restore your Chang Jiang 750 before you send it home.

Shipping size of crate is: 1.6 meters wide, 2 meters long, and 1.5 meters high. More information may be found on the following page: www.cj750.net/shipping

For documentation for registration overseas: bill of laden, bike registration, bill of sales, invoice, packing list, official translation of Chinese language documents into English or language of your country. Some countries might have some different requirements however most is similar.