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It is easy to purchase a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar however do you really know what you are getting? There are different shops telling you different stories about plates, about the origins of their bikes. We recommend you to visit the FAQ pages on www.cj750.net to answer many of your questions about the Chang Jiang 750.

We offer only Chang Jiang 750 sidecars with legal registrations. These license numbers can be verified be checking online and come fully with documentation and insurance. Of course the bike will need to be owner registered.

Shanghai is very strict with road regulations. Follow the rules and ride slowly.

Getting a drivers license for sidecars:

Yes, you need one to ride legally. Click here to get more information.

Shanghai sidecar information:

  • Currently as of September 1st 2006, the Shanghai automotive bureau is not transfering any titles. Please keep checking as this rule may change anytime.
  • Local license cost 19,000RMB (price is always changing). Currently titles are not being transfered but can be upgraded to a car.
  • There are no black plates for Shanghai. Shanghai plates are yellow colored.
  • Black plates are only issued in Beijing.
  • CJ750 sidecars with Beijing plates are allowed into the city, only after 8pm and local road regulations apply.
  • Licenses are available registered to a company, however make sure that you have contract that the company will help you renew the bike every year or they may hold you hostage. The title is not transferable.
  • The p olice is very strict, they will confiscate illegal Chang Jiang 750 if you do not have proper documents.
  • Why do some shops offer Hebei plates? 99% of those are fake, the China license registry is not a nation wide system thus some people will sell fake plates and it is very hard for people to find out if they are real or not. Shops that sell those usually have no access to legal bikes with proper documents and these bikes cost more. Many Hebei Plated bikes are form questionable sources.
  • There are people that will jump in front of you to make a few hunderd RMB, you better have proper documents when the police comes.
  • You can ride motorcycles into the Shanghai city with plates from other cities after 20:00 and on weekends.
  • There are rules as to where and what streets are open for motorcycles. Please check before you ride your bike.
  • The police do stop riders and check for licences. Make sure you carry your registration booklet.
  • Insurance for CJ750 sidecars may be bought from PICC. Your registration must be valid. Actually PICC will sell anyone insurance, however they will not pay out if your bike has fake documents.
  • Shipping a CJ750 from Beijing to Shanghai about 1,800RMB by train and for more secure shipping price may go up to 3,500RMB.
  • Shipping a CJ750 out of Shanghai to a foreign country requires many documents, it may be more advisable to have it shipped to Beijing for restoration and then from Beijing (Tianjin) to your home country.
  • If you have an accident the police may take your CJ750 away till it is settled. Having proper documentation will get you your CJ750 sidecar back. Best to own a bike with proper documentation.

To Purchase a Sidecar:

  • To purchase a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar with Beijing plates, you will need someone to register the bike in Beijing for you.
  • If the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar is registered to a foreigner the plates are black, if it is registered to a Chinese the plate is yellow.
  • Registration, license plate change, title transfer is about 350rmb. Insuance is 400 per year with 50,000RMB worth of third party coverage.
  • Registration needs to be renewed every year, cost is about 200rmb.
  • Cost of a used Chang Jiang 750 sidecar (as is condition) first registered in 1997 is about 10,000rmb.
  • Documents that should come with a legally registered sidecar: green ownership certificate book, sidecar vehical registration card, transfer title invoice (official fapiao), insurance, road tax.
  • Registration should be valid, it is good for one year.
  • A CJ750 sidecar can cost anywhere from 8,000RMB for a junk one (with valid plates) all the way to 45,000RMB for a super restoration with all the shine to include excellent grade chrome, alloy rims, super polishing.


  • Decide on what type of style of restoration you want and amount of money you want to spend.
  • Tell us what you want and options you want, then get an itemized quotation from us.
  • Make deposit for bike.
  • Takes one week for us to acquire the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar and transfer title.
  • Restoration process starts, one week to strip and sand blast bike, one week to paint bike, one week to assemble bike and another week to test ride and sort out minor details.
  • Takes two days to ship CJ750 sidecar to Shanghai.

Our Recommendations:

  • If you are only in Shanghai for a year or two, you can purchase a CJ750 "as is" or with slight restoration and when you are ready to head back home, have it fully restored in Beijing and shipped from there.
  • If you have no plans to take your CJ750 back home and just want one for weekend fun, get a reliable CJ750 with an engine upgrade, you can always sell this bike with minimal financial loss. In many cases our clients sell their CJ750 sidecars at more than what they paid for.
  • If you just want a CJ750 sidecar sent to your country directly, order a PLA restoration from us and you will receive a excellent quality CJ750 sidecar that has been road tested.
  • Do not buy from a dealer offering Hebei plates, these bikes are from questionable sources. Legal ones are available.
  • For any repairs get a second opinion, most CJ750 require tuning and frequent adjustments to timing, carburetors to run properly.
  • If your CJ750 sidecar breaks down or needs major repair, for major problems it is best to watch the mechanic take apart the engine or transmission. Many times it just needs adjustment, however some repair shops will over exaggerate the problem to make money from you.
  • Factory CJ750 sidecars are very poorly put together, get an itemized list of your restoration from your dealer before you make your purchase. Some dealers just repaint factory bikes - beware!
  • Do not believe anyone that tells you they are exclusive PLA sidecar dealers.
  • Do not believe anyone that tells you these sidecars are hard to find - China made over 1.3 million of them.
  • Do not believe anyone that tries to sell vintage, antique, genuine, or hard to get parts.
  • Do not believe anyone that tells you that Hebei plates are OK to ride with or that they are no problem.
  • CJ750 sidecars require high maintenance. Be glad you can own one in China where it is relatively cheap to get it fixed and buy parts.
  • Always check your oil.
  • cj750net@hotmail.com - offers online MSN support for our customers.